Kenny Chesney Gay

Country singer, Kenny Chesney has been on the scene for many years, making fun loving, up beat music that makes people happy when they hear it. He is an attractive man making millions of women feel weak in the knees, but for all of his popularity, there are millions who ask the question, is Kenny Chesney gay? They spread rumors and jump at any possible thing that they can think of to make their case. And the problem is, the more popular that Chesney becomes, the more frequently he will face these rumors. It is entirely up to him to determine how he handles them.

kenny chesney gay

The Kenny Chesney Gay Rumor: Persists Through Great Successes


Is Kenny Chesney gay becomes a less important topic when you start looking at the number of awards that he has earned since his explosion onto the country music scene. Compared to musical legends like Jimmy Buffet and others, he has been named the Country Music Entertainer of the Year four different times, including 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008. That’s right. Kenny Chesney ruled the title for three years straight and has dominated the music charts before and after. He has earned titles from the Academy of Country Music, the Country Music Association, The American Music Awards, the Country Music Television Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, the People’s Choice Awards and the French Country Music Awards.


In addition to all of these awards, Chesney has been named to listings of the sexiest men, the hottest men and a list of heartthrobs as well.


Is it About the Music or the Kenny Chesney Gay Stories?


For the music business, which is the business that Chesney concerns himself with, it is about the music and the fun he gets to have on stage, singing and interacting with his many fans. It is not about the persistent rumors because no matter what he does, they are going to exist. If he denies them, the people will talk. If he ignores them, the people still talk. But, the youthful looking Chesney, who is in his early forties, tends to focus on the sun, the sand and the good times he has on stage. Not only are his tours usually top grossers, he has set records at various venues worldwide.  Nearly all of his albums have been certified gold or higher and he has had more than thirty top ten singles since the beginning of his career. Some of those chart toppers have set individual records as well, not only for sales but for the length of time spent on the charts and more.


Most fans could not care less about the Kenny Chesney gay stories and rumors, preferring to instead follow the man’s music and his laid back life philosophy. Isn’t it better to sing along to an upbeat song with a cold beer, warm sand and the golden sunshine?


Marriage Makes the Kenny Chesney Gay Rumors Even Worse


Kenny Chesney met actress Renee Zellweger during a benefit for the tsunami victims. From that encounter came a whirlwind romance that culminated in a hasty wedding on the island of St. John’s in less than a month. The marriage lasted less than four months when Zellweger filed for an annulment. The newspapers jumped on the story noting that the reason listed in the papers was “fraud”. Some media outlets suggested that this meant that Chesney was gay and that Zellweger had been used to cover the fact. At one time, this was a standard practice, especially in Hollywood with big name stars marrying young, naïve women to hide their sexuality for a period and then quietly divorcing them, citing irreconcilable differences. The media pressured one or the other to come clean about the marriage and what really was going on. Zellweger denied that it was anything to do with sexuality and that the use of the word was only for legality, not because there had been deception involved.


For his part, Chesney took total blame for the demise of the marriage saying he was not prepared for the reality of a marriage between two people who were still riding at the heights of their respective careers, careers that would often send them to opposite corners of the earth for long periods of time. They both knew they had not spent enough time getting to know one another before they got married and both knew that they were not going to be able to build a relationship with each in a different part of the world and having no time to be together like normal people. The intense pressure of the media who analyzed and dissected every single move that either made was also more than either of them could take. Neither Chesney nor Zellweger spends any time speaking about their brief marriage and are only positive about the other during interviews.


Other, Less Credible Things Pointing to Kenny Chesney Gay Rumors


Some people have nothing better to do with their lives than look for hidden messages when there isn’t one. One persistent Kenny Chesney gay rumor is the wardrobe for the song “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”. In that video, Chesney dances in a barn with a purple tank top. Those negative people point out that purple is a color that is usually reserved for gay men. They also mention the tank top itself as a symbol of his sexuality, saying that it is further proof that he is showing off his body, not to entice women but to show his muscles for other men. The lyrics, which repeatedly say “she” and “her” are also called into question with one forum claiming that if you slow down a recording of the song you can hear him definitely saying “he” rather than she.  This has never been proven outside of these forums, however and those people who make these claims can never effectively provide links or other proof that their claim is valid.